Lookin for my memories
Fading out,dying melodies
last thing i remember
Dull day in december
Need to get a grip on myself and then
What was i looking for again?
Staring at the sea
I have these thoughts in me
does the ocean take us all
erase us when we fall
Every planet i see is dead
Perhaps i just see them in my head
Our story takes place
when all we know is mostly gone
an emptiness without any grace
but still,a poet lingers on
Shards of broken glass
all my memories are gone
Where do i begin?

The further i go
the less i know
Remembers me of a game i used to play
used to help me through the day
Now all that has gone away
and in these times
I just have my poems and my rhymes
My world is black and white
Not the slightest change in sight
since it all begun
ive always been on the run
trying not to look back
because then i might crack
For all the times i could resist it all
I had my poems
I had my wall
Now see the irony
ive been torn to pieces
by no one else but me
As i dream of birds
I dream of being free
I only have these words
Maybe they will dream for me
When all is gone,where will you go
a place where trees no longer grow
A stream of lost thoughts seem all thats left
of our world we are bereft
And amongst a world of ruins and demolition
Wanders a poem without a mission
Have i been here before?
I dont know anything anymore
In this new world my own creation
A part of my sick imagination?
I look up at the nightly skies
Feel the rain on my face
The dark sky never lies
such a lovely place
Things all fading away
I dont deserve any better
If i had something to say
It wouldnt really matter
These dreams i have chased
Some things cannot be replaced
The trees have dropped their last leaves
a bird sings in despair
A mountain sighs,because he belives
he`ll soon fade into the air
That beeing said
You could be something in my head
I dont deserve any better
But im gald we fade away togheter

P.S.: Nu este creație proprie,dar am ținut să o sheruiesc cu voi.

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