Memories  like fading songs
Break my head and die on tongue
I belive i've lost my mind
Running on that shore's sand
Cuz i'm loosing my control
And i'm blaming you for all.

Listening the sound of waves
When the nights passes the days
I remember of a melody
That says
”I'm full of  insanity
When dark sky is taking place.”

Sunset is killing the sun again
Poor him,he cries with rays in vain
Cuz stars are mad
Wants to be on sky instead
So now the crying sun
With darken rays
Is gone.

I belive after this night
Sun is never coming back
Cuz i'm seeing shooting stars,
While the clock is silent
And the moon is frozen.

I need your care
To fill my skin
If you dare.
And it's ok cuz it's a sin.
I'm fallng apart now
Dont ask me how
Just say it to me now tonight
Or go and drink the night.

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